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Garage Flooring to Impress!

Have you been thinking about doing something to your garage floor to make it easier to clean and look better? No doubt you have seen the DIY kits at the big box stores. Seems fairly reasonable and you can do it in a day it says. That is right but if you were hoping to have a garage floor that won't peel up and bubble up a few weeks, you need an epoxy floor.

What are the benefits to having a professionally installed epoxy floor?

Here are a few:

  • They do not chip, peel, or fade.

  • Oil and stain resistant, just turn the hose on and wash the debris away.

  • A full two-day installation time. Why? This is a chemical process that will bind with your concrete.

  • 100 percent UV-protected

  • Non-hazardous application low in VOCs

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

  • The best part, you get to sit back and watch someone else do the dirty work....

Contact us today, for a free estimate. We have several color options to choose from and have some great bundle deals to include with cabinets, shelving and slat walls.

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