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Pandemic Home Upgrade that Pay's Off - Closets!

A recent study found that the majority of home owners took a deep dive into adding value to their homes during the past two years of the pandemic. The two reasons:

1. Adding value to their home.

2. Adding functionality and livability to their spaces.

Yes, spending more time at home has caused many to see the need to improve their homes. One of the biggest areas of growth for a remodel has been, none other than closets! Yes, having a well organized and functional closet not only adds calm and peace to your hectic life, but is also has shown to pay off big on home value. In fact one report noted that nearly 67% of the cost of a project can be recouped via a sale.

That makes a closet renovation of the most affordable and yet functional home improvement projects you can start today! Contact us today, for your design and estimate! Knotted Spaces is your Northwest Arkansas luxury closet installer! #knottespaces


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