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Supply Chain Slowdown - COVID

Worldwide, COVID-19 is still taking a toll on the supply chain - from suppliers to end consumers. The crisis is hitting the construction and remodeling sectors especially hard. Many homeowners who were stuck at home during stay-at-home orders have taken advantage of favorable interest rates and decided to move forward with both large and small-scale home improvement projects. The resulting huge spike in demand comes at the same time factory operations and transportation are being disrupted.

Due to the dramatically increased consumer demand, many suppliers are now struggling to ramp up production after being shut down and/or having to operate with skeletal crews. Additionally, shipments from overseas have been delayed from weeks to months causing materials shortages. As a result, some orders are now running around three (3) weeks from the time of order to install.

Despite some longer delays from your custom order to install, you will still receive the highest quality product and installation. As always, all products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

We continue to offer free virtual or no contact design and estimates. Contact us today to schedule!

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